but i always wish you’re just a touch away.. [x]

but i always wish you’re just a touch away.. [x]

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Yoochun acting out how JaeJoong laughs (/∇\*)。o○♡

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@lovehug48: TVXQ buy starbrucks and sign for fans today because almost 85% fans can’t see SBS recording well …… how sweet they are ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


You know when you read a fanfic so good, but so good, that it makes you ship the ship even more, that changes your perspective of your ship and makes you stop to think about things while you cry

"At a time when baseball meant everything to me, someone came who made my heart beat faster and feel hotter than baseball."

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I don’t know when, but in a few years, if we should happen to meet again…and if, at that time, you don’t have anyone by your side… then… let’s date.

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"Tomorrow there's the final game of the
University Baseball Championship. I'm starting.
I want you to cheer me on, easy right?"

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Ahhh, what is this?! Really Sung Na Jeong!

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